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Hi there I am completely new to LED strip lighting. As part of a university project I am looking for single colour (bright white) LED strip lighting that forms a chase effect with two short strips placed on the front fairing of a motorcycle (Portable and weatherproof) The aim of this is to give an impression of a faster moving motorcycle to try and reduce collisions. Does anyone know of anywhere I can find short strips (20cm) that can be run from a 12V battery. What sort of controller will be needed and will it need complex programming or a simple all in one box solution. Thanks in advance for any help.


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I have doubts that having what would be seen as flashing white lights on a motorcycle would pass transportation and vehicle regulations in any country.

If you are not a legal emergency or public maintenance or service vehicle the rules on having blinking lights are pretty tough. Technically driving with your turn signal on when not intending to make a turn is illegal in most places.

As for making motorcycles more visible bright and reflective paint schemes and riders clothing is the best attention getter.


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