Which Transistor should I use????

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I'm working on a hack for my 2006 (US version) Toyota Prius. The hack is called "EV Mode" and it will allow me to use an option that is readily available in the Japanese and European versions. It is a very simple circuit but I don't know how to determine the type/requirements of the transistor. My diagram is attached.

Theory of operation:
Closing the contacts of the Cruise Control Cancel switch will provide approx 6.3VDC biasing voltage to the base of Q1 providing a momentary ground to the EV mode pin on the HV ECU thereby activating the internal circuitry and forcing the car into EV mode.

How do I determine the transistor requirements? Do I need any other components in the circuit?

If anyone has any questions, pls ask.



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I am locking this thread for the moment while the moderators review it in light of our "No discussion of automotive modifications".

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