Which software is better to analyz and simulate.

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    Nov 24, 2008
    Hi guys, i need little help
    which software is better to simulate and make a pcb? i tried to use workbench 10. But it is always shows error time step is too short or something like that. i tested on quad comparator. 3 output connected to one comparator. AND gate. But electronics workbench 10 always shows error. LTspice is too difficult to assemble component. any other options?
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  2. SgtWookie


    Jul 17, 2007
    Why don't you post an image of your circuit so that we have a clue what you are having a problem with?

    Often, starting a simulation with voltages at zero will help to solve the problem.

    However, it sounds like you are attempting something quite improbable.

    If you want some help, you need to post an image of your circuit.

    .PNG is the preferred graphic format.
    If your computer is running Windows:
    Press: Alt+Printscreen when you are in the simulation.
    Click on Start, then Run, then mspaint.exe
    Paste the screen image into MSPaint using Ctrl+V
    Save it as a type .png

    Back on the board:
    Click the "Go Advanced" button under the reply box
    Then click on "Manage Attachments" under that reply box.
    Then attach your images.