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So I finally decided to upgrade my old wired router. Buy.com had a nice deal on a N150 so I grabbed it. I did not do a whole lot of research.

I currently have DSL an I am not looking to upgrade to cable. I am considering ditching my DirectTV and going with all internet.

I noticed that D-Link offers several models above the N150. Twp have a Qos engine for video.

My question is will I get better performance out of one of the better models? Should I send this one back or just keep it and use it?


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Depends on how many systems are on your network, and if you find the other systems are using up so much bandwidth your video is laggy.

Under 3-4 systems and a 3Mbit connection, QoS shouldn't be an issue.

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you should be ok with most any router however our isp is only 1 MB so i cant tell for sure my first router was a belkin it worked comparibly well till it started acting up when it got to about 1yrs old. so i replaced it with a netgear WNR2000 i know this has QOS on it but have not needed to use it. i beleve the wnr2000 is new $75-100 a got on referb for $25 on tiger. if your doing vidios i would stick to the better brands like linksys, netgear, D-link. after my experence with the belkin i am going to avoid belkin except for maybe cables.
also you could use internet conection sharing (ICS). if you have a desktop that you want to do the tv on a direct conection to the modem this would wook also then shre to another wired or wireless nic in the system. just make sure you have a decent amount of ram in the system.