Which One Is The Best Masters Degree Course?

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Dear AAC friends!

I need your expert advice for choosing right course for my Masters Degree. There are so many relevant courses and I am confused to pick the right one. Please suggest me in accordance to the demand, scope and value, now and in near future. Following are the list of courses for your kind perusal and advice :

I) Mathematics and Natural Sciences

1) 185-3183 Master of Science in Astronomy (2 years)

2) Master of Science in Computational Science and Engineering (2 years):
185-3313 Study discipline Computational Science

3) 185-3241 Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2 years)

4) 185-3189 Master of Science in Mathematics (2 years)

5) 185-3190 Master of Science in Materials, Energy and Nanotechnology (2 years)

6) Master of Science in Modelling and Data Analysis (2 years):
185-3294 Study discipline Statistics and Data Analysis
185-3293 Study discipline Economic and Industrial Risk

7) 185-3186 Master of Science in Physics (2 years)

II) Information Technology and Informatics

1) 185-3305 Master of Science in Informatics: Design, Use, Interaction (2 years)

2) 185-3306 Master of Science in Informatics: Language and Communication (2 years)

3) Master of Science in Informatics: Nanoelectronics and Robotics (2 years)
185-3307 Study discipline Nanoelectronic
185-3310 Study discipline Robotics and Intelligent Systems
185-3311 Study discipline Signal Processing

4) Master of Science in Informatics: Programming and Networks (2 years)
185-3308 Study discipline Software, Languages, Logic
185-3312 Study discipline Distributed Systems

5) 185-3309 Master of Science in Informatics:
Technical and Scientific Applications (2 years)
185-3302 Master of Science in Network and
System Administration (2 years)

Thanks in advance with hoping to get a response.


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That's a pretty wide range of degree options.

I guess the two most i portant questions would be:

1.) Which one(s) are most interesting to you?
2.) What are the program requirements for each degree? Depending on your background you may have to do undergraduate course work first to meet the program admission requirements, which could add up to a year to the program. Something to consider if time/cost is a factor.