Which magnifying visor do you recommend?

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I searched the posts but not much info.
I need a magnifying visor for general electronics work like soldering on PCBs.
I am nearly 50 so eyesight not perfect.
The lighted type would be best. Ebay stuff OK but most of them are for jewellery work so I am not sure if their magnification is also OK for our type of work.


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I use one of these. Very cheap and crappy, but still very helpful. I also use a large handheld magnifying glass with a bright work light when I'm trying to, for instance, examine a PCB or read a part number.




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Got two sets of these. Keep one in the truck.
Light weight, cheaply built, but do what I want them to.
Fit over glasses. 3 sets of lenses.

So light on top of my head, often forget I have them on.

I've used several types. Below are simply my experiences, others may have different luck.

  • Over-the-head lighted - heavy once you add the batteries, the light is directional, so if it isn't perfectly directed, it's less than helpful, and they are made with a hood of sorts, so they block light from above.
  • Magnifying glass - on helping hands or an adjustable fluorescent light - you have to adjust the lens so you are looking directly through the center head on - if you tilt your head a smidge to side or back they are also less than helpful.
  • Non-lighted over-the-head - these, in my opinion are simply the best. You move your head, not a magnifying glass and not your work to adjust. The open design allows you to use light from the room, I've found working with fluorescent over head lights is best. I wear glasses to correct for 80/20 vision and these are simply excellent. You can also find them locally in the U.S. at certain craft stores.
  • Only thing better is stereo microscope, but they aren't cheap and take up a lot of room.


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I use one similar to this, cost $10.

Edit: Others have already recommended this. I keep one at every place I hang out, home and work, so I don't have to carry one around.


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Get one with glass lenses, not plastic. They resist scratching much better and can be cleaned with alcohol, which may damage plastic ones.