Which kit with HEF4066 and HCF4017 is in this black box

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Does anyone recognize which kit is mounted in this homebrew black box?

On the front there are 4 leds, a switch (3 positions) and a potmeter (470k) mounted. At the back there are a jackplug for power, a switch (3 positions), one chinch female and a 4x chinch female socket. The print is marked with the code VS7.

There a two IC's used, a HEF4066, a HCF4017 and a 555 The line of 4 transistors are 547c's and the line of three transistors are one 547c and two 557C's.

any idea?




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I couldn't find the manufacturer, but I found a schematic that looks close: http://electronics-diy.com/electronic_schematic.php?id=107.

The link shows a stereo audio selector while what you have appears to be a mono audio selector. I think if you take out IC4 and IC5 (along with all parts on IC5), you'll have the schematic for your board.

I did a quick search on Velleman and Ramsey as they are dominant (at least in the U.S.) for electronic kits, but didn't see anything. You might look at Jaycar too.
I think this might actually be a video switcher considering the pot on the front panel which likely adjusts the speed at which the selector switches channel.

If it was for audio, i'd say you'd have a button to cycle through the channels manually.


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As said, it looks like an video switcher.
I think of that because there are 75 Ohms resistors near the clinch busses.


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Wow, thanks for the reply. It helps to do a bit of re-engineering. So the switch could be possible left zero right in the case of audio. I will also compare it with the schematic of electronics-diy.com. I'll be back.

Thanks so far, and still open for more suggestions.