Which computer language should I learn?

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The more I look on the forums, the more I realize how important it will become for me to learn some kind of computer language. I have been kind of dreading it though, I'm not very good at coding. I learned a little "C" but that was it, and I basically forgot most of it.

So, my question to you guys is which language would be the most important or useful to learn?
Well that all depends on what you want to do with it! And don't worry... like anything, practice makes perfect! You will learn more with experience.

C/C++ is definitely a bad place to start.

If you're just looking to learn the basic principles, you could go with something like matlab scripting or visual basic. The build procedure is somewhat easier.

Truth is, you want to learn to program... not just syntax. The principles can be applied to any language.


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Like my #3 favorite hero Bob Pease said, "My programming language is solder."

"C" is everywhere and it is portable so it is used in many different venues but if you don't use it frequently you lose it and have to relearn it everytime you need it which is a huge PITA. For what little microcontrolling I do, I use Picaxe and their free Basic.


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I'll have to disagree with this one. It depends on what you want to do.

If you want to program a PIC or a Aurduino microcontroller you will need C or C++. There are some versions of BASIC programmed µC by Paralax, but they tend to be less memory efficient and slow.

If you just want to learn a language then BASIC is fine, but learning one language does not translate to another language well. I know BASIC, 6502 Assy, and Z80 Assy. I have never programmed in C.
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