Whic program to use to rwite serial interface to micro

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Hey guys/girls

This is what I want to achieve:

1. Microncontroller talks to the pc via serial comms
2. The data that gets sent to the pc, must be processed by a program
and then displayed in a GUI inviroment.

My Question(s):

1. Because I want to display the proccessed data in a GUI inviroment, I
want to use java, only reason for that is because I have experience in
programming in java. Is java a good option or not? What are the
2. If getting java to talk with the micro controller via serial comms is to difficult , then I was thinking of rwiting a program in C, that will communicate with the micro and then proccess all the data and store it in a text file. Then i can use java to extract the information out of the text file and then use it in the GUI enviroment. Could that work?

I am just doing research at the moment in finding the best way to achieve my goals, I have experience in programming micro's in C and Assembler. Programming in java, just normal programs where the user can input data ect.

Looking forward to the feedback from you guys!!



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If you are going to be using serial comms then the language you use doesn't really matter as long as it gives you access to the serial port. What is at the other end of the serial connection doesn't matter, it's only the data you are interested in, so long as you are both using the same protocol/messages etc.