Where's my hovercar?

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In 5 years we have to invent hover cars (or at least hover conversions), according to the BTTF trilogy.

Better get moving. Or should I say hovering.

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Maybe he was in a traffic jam, and by some weird accident. A girl with name name Paris was sitting in the car beside and smoking with the window open. And some smoke blew into Toms car.:p
Or joking aside. Some hover cars have been made. But they make way to much noise, use a lot of fuel. And they are impractical on all levels. In many cases the people behind the gadget. Have run out of money before a full working prototype has been made


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Hovercraft have been around since the late 1910's.
Maglev trains were first working in the late 70's early 80s.

Although the car at the begging of Part 1 took off, everyone know's the coolness of Part 2 was because of the hover boards in part 2, which came out in 89, science was way ahead of the science fiction =-) But obviously the practical reality of such fanciful thought is a little more complicated =>