Where to get this molex?


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If you look on the Molex Website homepage you will see a link to "FIND DISTRIBUTORS". Click on it and it will lead you to the distributors that support your location.



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Actually, scratch that. The series you linked to is obsolete but the headers are still active. The new plugs are the 54927 series. They are active.

It looks like the part numbers you want are the 3 and 6 pin versions:
3pin: 0549270320
6pin: 0549270620

At least, that's what it looks like to me. Please confirm before buying them...

It also looks like you'd need to get some plastic levers too...

I can't find these stocked anywhere either, what I said below about replacing the headers might still be a good idea.

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That's not a complete part number, it is a series.

Either way they seem to be pretty obsolete... status "contact Molex" is never a good sign.

Maybe this is why the price dropped to almost nothing on this PSU...

You could always buy a new set of headers. These are standard 5mm pitch, something should fit. It's also through hole so it shouldn't be difficult to replace.
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I've bought several of those supplies from that vendor, the cables came with them. Have you actually bought them yet?