Where to get MC68000 Codes

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Hello everyone.

I'm actually new to this forum so don't be annoyed with the title of this post (just in case there is a standard way of writing titles).
I've been taking a course on microprocessors lately and we are using the Motorolla MC68000 Processor, but it's been very difficult for me to cope since I'm quite new to low level programming. I've read the basic theory and I understand how the processor works, but I need a book with lots of codes. I need a book (or website) where I can get lots of MC68000 codes (maybe more than 30 or so) so I can see lots of examples and understand it better. I will be very grateful if anyone can give me any useful info. I've done lots of 'googling' but I couldn't find a site with mre than 5-8 programs or so.

Thanks in advance.