Where to get 4 pin to 2 pin 3.5mm adapter

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I have a lapel microphone that has a 4 pin male 3.5mm jack on it and I want to use it with a car stereo that has a female 2 pin 3.5mm.

So the adapter would need to be 4 pin female to 2 pin male.

I've searched for an adapter online but it is difficult to search for this type of thing...many false hits. Cannot find one.

Anyone know where to get this?



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I am unclear what you are trying to achieve here. Is this so that you can use the lapel mic as part of a hands free telephone kit? If so, why don't you use the supplied mic? I presume when you talk about numbers of "pins" you are refering to the number of contacts on the connector. There is a contact at the "tip" and then one on the "sleeve". The 3 way connector also has one "ring" and the four way has two "rings". For this reason they are usually called 3.5mm TRS or TRRS jacks respectively which may aid your search.