Where to find parts in New Jersey

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So Radio Shack has become useless as far as electronic components go. They are too busy selling cell phones and ipods. So does anyone know of any stores in New Jersey (preferably some place close to the Hudson) that has a broad selection of components?


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Driving has gotten so expensive due to fuel costs that it hardly pays to go to a store anymore, unless it's within a few miles. You'll usually pay quite a premium for parts at a store as well; floor space is expensive.

I have a great store here in FL that's 17 miles from my driveway, but I don't go there more than twice a month at the most.

There are plenty of places to buy components online very inexpensively, but be aware of shipping costs.

I've used Electronics Goldmine, Allied Electronics, Mouser Electronics, Digi-Key, MPJA, and a number of other sources on E-bay. You have to be really careful on E-bay, as a number of sellers don't combine shipping, and charge outrageous rates.

Check to see if there's a ham radio club in your area. Those folks would know!


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As when buying anything, one has to be a good shopper.

Blind loyalty to just one reseller is sooner or later going to cost you money.

Be aware that certain components, electrolytic capacitors and batteries in particular, have a limited shelf life. Sure, you can get what seems like outrageous deals on things like that in discount surplus places, but they are likely at the end of their useful life. You're far better off getting fresh components than having to deal with replacing bad components that you just got done installing.