where to find parts for amplifier

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hello everyone. i have a car power amplifier infinity digital 100. thier are 2 small parts on the board that need replaced .they are tan in color and flat with two prongs .written on them it says 102 nkk.on the circuit board it says c-6 for one of the parts and c-10 where the other one goes. they are directly behind the gold plug for the speaker output and remote wire. what are these(capacitors)? where can i order what i need?


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that definitely are smd caps. having a value of 0.001uf. these parts are usually ordered by reels. if your local store does not carry this, then you'll just have to improvise by using a substitute with same value. a 50v ceramic cap will do provided you are adept with you soldering iron.



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Digikey would sell them in small quantities but I think they have a minimum order.


I think that's 1000pf, my math sucks though.


You may want to find out the package dimentions and look up the drawings on that part here:


You can do as the other poster said, find a leaded part with the same specifications and solder the leads to the pads but be careful to have no stress on thos leads and to form them well. If the leads have any tension they'll rip those pads and some of the trace off the board.