Where to find high power 5mm LEDs

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I'm looking for a name or place to buy some high power 5mm LEDs.
Typical 5mm LED insides look like this:

But I am looking for some like this, with the larger reflecting cone:

Any idea if there is a specific name for this type of LED? Can I find it on ebay? Thanks


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My solar garden lights have short 5mm white and multi-color LEDs that have an extremely wide beam angle.
But they are not high power LEDs, they operate at about 10mA.


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I've used the 3W blue KingBright LEDs, and they are bright - it hurts to look at them directly/ But, that's to be expected with 700 mA of current. One thing I noticed is that the measured light output does not dramatically increase above 500 mA, but the amount of heat generate does.

Also, the Luxeon Rebels look comparable. I think Sparkfun also has a lens, mounting bracket, and heatsink for the Rebels.