Where to find cheap Zif sockets & cheap 2 layer PCB manufacturing?

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Could you please share where to find cheap zif sockets and where can the cheapest 2 layer pcb manufacturers be found? Longer lead times aren;t a problem


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I bought some ZIF Sockets off ebay, one of the chinese dealers with free shipping. It takes about 2 weeks to a month for them to arrive, but you get a dozen for $8, Only one has to be good to break even, and I didn't have a problem with any of the ones I received.

I think it is the vendor that sells the TOP2049 EEPROM Programmers, Asia Engineer or something like that.

For AWESOME boards if you do mind the leadtime (which is getting shorter): http://www.batchpcb.com/ If you have proper Gerber files/drill files/etc. Not .GIF or .PDF type.