Where to Buy Step Up Transformers?

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Hello again,

I want to finally work with some high voltage electricity experiments involving a step up transformer. I want to buy some easy to use step up transformers, but I've been unsuccessful thus far. Does anyone know any sites where I can by a N step up transformer.


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standard sites, Mouser, digikey, Jameco, allelectronics. There are several threads on here about where to buy.

I use a variac and a microwave oven transformer to get hundreds of volts for vacuum tubes. Very dangerous! You can also use multiple transformers and run them backwards. Use one transformer to make 24 VAC and have it run (2) 24 volt transformers backwards so you can connect the 120 volt windings in series and get 240 VAC. Use your noggin, and never stop thinking while you play with stuff that can kill you!


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Can you be more specific as to the input and output voltages & current you're needing?

In the world of industrial control there's a wide selection of multi-tap transformers available and are often affordable from a surplus place or eBay. Originally designed as step-downs such that you could get 120 VAC to run relays and controls, they usually have input taps at 240V, 277V & 480V, hook them up backwards and those are the output voltages you'll get.

I've got a number of these rated for 1 KVA, that means in reverse I can put 1 KVA of 120 in (8+ amps) and get a hair over 2A output from the 480V winding.

I do hope you know what you're doing, these voltages can easily be lethal especially because there's tons of current available. Good, solid power though and they usually come with fuse holders already mounted to the top. I intend to use them when I get around to building a set of tube audio power amps or, alternately, I can run 120V into the 240V winding and get 60 VAC out which should be able to drive some large banks of output MOSFETs.