Where is the output?

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hello, I'm new to programming Microcontrollers. I'm currently programming a PICDEM 2 demo board using a MAPLAB ICD 2 debugger using the CCS C compiler and the MPLAB IDE.

I've successfully compiled and built the project the ol' printf("hello world") code

but I don't see any outputs, but it is debugging.

it's running the code, and it's communicating but there are no outputs in the windows.

How could this be?

How do I know that I don't have a faulty board.

Can someone give me some sort of small sample code and show me where to look to see the change please?

I've been getting this setup for 2 days now, and i have finally figured out and installed correctly the hardware and the software and their communicating together now, and my code is C and it's correct, but nothing is happening when I debug or run it... or at least it LOOKS as if nothing is happening. maybe I'm looking at the wrong window have an option turned off that should be or something.

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When I installed the IDE a few weeks ago, there were files installed in the ~\Microchip\PICkit 2 v2\ folder. One is called "44-Pin Demo Board User Guide 41296B.pdf" the other is "Low Pin Count User Guide 51556a.pdf" These should help you get going. (I'm going to do the same once I have time to play with the uChip devices!)