Where do get your inspiration?

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I find inspiration in the strangest places.

Other folks' discards give me good ideas. (A man says he gave up resistive heaters for his salt pots because molten salt conducts electricity. I thought "hmmm... induction heating might work for salt pots.)

I also get ideas that are way out of scale. Tiny things inspire big things and big things inspire tiny things.

I also surf forums a great deal, because the people on them are usually more insightful than I.:rolleyes:

So where do YOU get ideas and inspiration?


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Walking. Many a time I have stuck in a seemingly impossible place with work I am doing, and find that going for a walk (even just a 20 minute walk around the block) gives me the inspiration I need.

Many of my best ideas have come sat at the top of a fell or in a remote niche - I suppose I don't have the distraction of the "real-world" around me.



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I find my inspiration on various things. For example, hearing music highly motivates me, especially classical music. But I guess most people are motivated by music. Never found anyone that didn't liked at all. When I get stuck on something just sleep over the subject and let the REM sleep do the rest:D.

Complex relay machines always inspired and motivated me. That passion started because elevators always fascinated my since my very early years. Those well balanced machines and the complex relay logic associated to them (born in the 80's, not my fault). Modern logic (TTL, CMOS - and modern systems) doesn't inspire me as much.

Also, audio and power are other two subjects I like to develop.


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i get ideas and inspiration from the places/people that one tends to expect the least from...but this has taught me one thing be humble and donot disrespect anyone or anything...even people who seem to be "less knowledgeable" than you can teach you a lot...and remember it takes that one little spark to cause a fire,a fire that removes darkness,and that spark can come from anywhere...but that spark MUST come,for nothing else could have started the fire in the first place...


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I don't really know if is there a research, but it really motivates me.
I recall that on the radio in the UK, they were saying that there was some research indicating the benefits of classical music and mental stimulus - maybe I should expect that from the radio (self-service!!). Either way, when I was taking my undergraduate electromagnetic fields examination I revised to Classic FM - I did pretty well too!