Where can I find this motor?

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    I want to build a small electricity producing wind turbine for a small hovel in our orchard. What I will build is something like this: http://www.velacreations.com/chispito.html
    I'm searching for the main part which is the motor, it should be a permanent magnet motor, I'll cite to the description of the motor in that site: "they don't normally require high rpms to get some usable power out of them. To find out if your motor might work, look on the label and find the rpms. Then, find the working voltage. Divide rpms by voltage to get rpms per volt. For this sort of machine, you are looking for 25-35 rpms per volt."

    for example a 30VDC motor with 300-325 rpm would work perfectly.
    Then the motor should be pmm, DC, and its rpms should be proportional to the voltage as mentioned above.

    I'm looking for such motor in home appliances, car parts, electrical devices...etc
    Any idea for where can I find the motor?
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    Look at: http://www.allelectronics.com under Motors, good selection of 24V-36V DC motors. Will need to boost rpm with gear, belt, chain etc. 150-450W. How much power is needed?
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    Jan 3, 2008
    I looked in that website... There are no motors like the ones I described above. And even I can't buy from the internet these days, I'm in Lebanon in a far-off village, I want to search for the motor in home appliances, car parts, electrical devices... A 30VDC, 300-325 rpm permanent magnet motor is very good, the power needed isn't specific but around 10A
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