When ac & dc sources in a single circiit

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Problem in general:

A circuit has 2 current sources, one ac and another one dc, and a third ac voltage source. Circuit parameters are an inductor, a capacitor and a resistor. We have to find current through the inductor.

My idea of solution:

Apply superposition theorem: When only dc current source is considered, make the capaitor open for dc and inductore short for the current source. And take into consideration the current amount through the shorted inductor.

Two other ac sources can be taken into account one at a time while ignoring the dc current source.

Final current can be obtained by adding three currents all together.

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Can I assume the components are connected in series?

If so, then once the capacitor has an equal DC charge on both plates, the current is essentially zero.

And if they are in series, there will come a point where the inductor current is maximum [at the resonant frequency] in that resonant circuit [again, assuming a series connection with the three components].