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    Jun 8, 2011
    Just looking for a bit of advice really,

    Im planning on creating a belt system .. prob the easiest way to describe it, using a wheelchair motor to power it.

    To put it simply... this crappy paint drawing is the basic idea... yet to do a detailed plan, but that should give you an idea of what i am to achieve. (forget about housing for now, or how both wheels will turn - thats not going to be a big issue really... plus the belt isn't going to have mass load on it or the motor)


    As i want some form of speed control, i plan on using a PWM control to sort this problem out as it should give me a 0-100% control over speed.
    Of course then there will be power, which i have yet to address, but one thing i wanted to put into the control, is some sort of break switch to cut power to the motor straight away incase of a problem. Safety first in all that...

    Is there any way of implementing such a thing in the same unit as the PWM, or would a separate control be needed for that? ideally i want it in one thing.

    any suggestions?

    Also, if im missing anything.. please feel free to add, pretty new to using wheelchair motors in all honesty!

    cheers, jason
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    May 9, 2009
    If you short the leads of a motor with a high power resistor around 1 ohm or so and rated for 50W or more, you can stop a motor pretty quickly. Such resistors will cost around $10 each, and remember to use a proper mechanism to connect the motor, like a high power automotive relay (one used for a starting circuit, if any, would be ideal.) A normal switch will melt!

    (Oh and make sure the motor is free-wheeling and is not powered when you do try and brake it!)
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