Wheel Switch

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I am Looking for a Type of Switch for something I am making.

It will be mad up of LED Light Strips.
And I will have it going to a Wall Transformer to Plug into an Outlet.

But I want to Wire a Wheel Switch to it.
The Type some Lamps have hanging off the Cord.
And you use your Fingers to Turn it.

I am going to make a Picture with LED Light Strips in it.
Then Wire then all to gather and put the Wheel Switch to it.

I hope I am Asking in the Right way?
If not just Tell me?

Thanks for the Time.

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They just Turn and Turn and are found on Cords.
Some are on Lamp Cards and other Devices.

Do they come Fixed to a Cord or how do I Buy them?
What is the Right Name?


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Yes, at least the descriptions seem to be about the kind of switch that I had guessed was being sought. Some cords have them installed , but they are available separately. Installing such a switch may be a challenge for some.