What's the difference between workable current and rated current in a dc motor?

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I got this datasheet for a motor, and i got confused at some parts.The datasheet talks about voltage workable range.

I wanted to choose a 14.8V battery over a 11.1V one, so i can get more power for the motor. But looking at the same rows in this datasheet, the 12V row has a higher current than the 24V, so would the power be nearly the same independently from the voltage or what am i missing?

Also there is an overlap between the ranges (3-9, 6-15, 12-26) If i go with a 14.8V battery which range should i take into account (6-15 or 12-24) and what would be the motor's drawn current (35 or 15 mA)?



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The numbers may not make much sense, but they are shown when being used with a reduction of some kind, with each one being a different ratio.
These numbers would be completely different when used non-reduced.
In simplistic terms, RPM is a function of voltage, and torque is a function of current.
Also motor have a continous torque rating and a momentary torque rating, which if exceeded longer than the limit can destruct.