Whats The Deal..Euro"s 31 Hour Work Week

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We have 40 hours,what other kind of deals have you heard of besides
French,why 31 in france. How much time do you get for tea.


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I get paid to work 37.5hrs, but I'm actually at work appx 45-50...

The extra hours I put in, I take out as free time to spend in the National Guard. :D
I used to work for National Oilwell Varco, overseas, and I worked with a bunch of guys out of Stavanger. Cool dudes. They would never say how much they made, but they made a lot more than the rest of us (payed more taxes too, I know), and they got more time off. like months off at a time, and the pictures they brought back made everybody jealous. The joke around the jobsite was that NOV stands for "Norwegians On Vacation". What's typical vacation time per year for your average Norwegian?


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What's typical vacation time per year for your average Norwegian?
Stavanger is sometimes referred to as the oil capital of Norway. I've heard that guys on the oilrigs work 2 week/12 hrs a day, and has 4 weeks off.

The normal worker has vacation the 3 last week in July. If you are over 62 or 65 (don't quite remember) you get one week extra. Usually the worker can make an agreement with the employer to add extra hours, to get time off. Like I do. Some employers even says that they start 15 min earlier to get the days between Christmas and new years eve free. We also have the religion holidays.

In my previous job, I used to have 7 week summer vacation. That was sweet. :D