Whats on your Christmas list?

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Neil Groves

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I wasn't sure which forum t put this in so i took a chance on this one since the answers are likely to be electronics related.

I just completed a front panel for my project and after drilling holes for the potentiometers asked my wife for a pillar drill, just means i need to buy the bench to stand it on.



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PICkit 2 Starter Kit. Santa brought it today; he left it on the front porch and was driving a FedEx truck. :D
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Neil All a table saw needs to do is tilt and rotate. No fancy keypad or readouts. I like simple appliances and tools.

My toaster quit a few weeks back, being the guy that I am I took it apart cleaned it. It has a circuit board in it I found one connection that was loose. That was the culprit. Works great now. It really surprised me that the toaster even had a circuit board. The odd thing even stuffed with technology is doesn’t work any different than the one my parents owned.

Don’t get me wrong I love electronics and root cause analysis. Mil-Aerospase is my favorite to work on.


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I hope you guys get every thing that you need,I am happy...
I just had a big fish sandwich with lettus and tomato,onion
and extra tartar sause,no cheese.I feel so good,I don't really have
any thing in mind. Maybe a used laptop. I feel great the sandwich
was good. I have to get my coke out of frig. Ah the coke taste good,
a little acid control.


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I'm the proverbial man who has everything! Well, not really. The things I don't have are too expensive, even for Santa Clause. I had a "jaw saw" on my Christmas list, until I saw one up close. It won't cut large enough for me.

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Neil Groves

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Well i asked for a workbench and a drill press, santa came up trumps so i guess i was a good boy this year, now i should be able to drill holes in a straight line lol