What's going on here? Is this legit?

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I just tried responding to a thread and starting another, and both times I get this screen:


Is this legit? And why did it just now start coming up?

It also came up when I tried sending a PM.

Is anyone else having the same issue?



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I got the same thing a few minutes ago. I thought it was some extraneous security by AAC....:confused:

Had to do the captcha before I could post......


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It is a CloudFlare thing, so I would lean to the side that this is legitimate, but who knows?

Jrap, probably...

I haven't seen it...


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Didn't we have a similar issue not to long ago? If I recall, it is a security feature that you are supposed to only have to do once (at least from a given machine). But if it's database of machines that you have authenticated before gets flushed (or if it puts an expiry date on your authentication), then you might get it again.

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Did you check your machine for malware like the page suggested?
I did, and I only had some low level things, like basic tracking cookies. Nothing major that I would have expected to cause this.

I look forward to hearing back from jrap about it.

Thanks for answering, everyone.

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8:56 PM Eastern America time. Got the Captcha when replying to a PM.
It asked for feedback to the site owner so I said something rude.
My computer is so clean, I don't even allow Google on it, and I just check it earlier today. Firewall, virus scanner, MS Defender, all that stuff. I even tracked down and hand killed 4 cookies and the "preference" check box that allowed them to persist after I run CC Cleaner every time I close Firefox. The "Help" page says it's Firefox 22.0


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Beware of providers ,there are unbelievable things going on. I don't think you have

any privacy anymore. There was a story about all mail being photoed ,even junk

mail ads and resident mail with no name.