What variations of Step-Up AC to DC converters are there?

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We have to come up with 3 different ways of converting 0-5 Volts AC to 8 volts and I can't come up with ideas. We have to come up with different ways to do it so different circuits but obviously elements like resistors and such can be overlapped.

I came up with:

1) 0-5V AC --> step up transformer to 8V --> full wave rectifier --> filter -->regulator

2) 0-5V AC --> non-inverting opamp and gain to 8V --> precision wave rectifier --> filter -->regulator

Whats another way??


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If a step-up means a power conversion, then ordinary amplifiers probably are not acceptable, at least not in the sense of providing gain.

Op-amps normally produce output voltages which cannot be greater than their own DC supply inputs. If then you amplify a 5V signal to 12V, the 12V output is actually obtained from the amplifier power supply, which must be 12V or more.

That does not prevent an amplifier being used to really step up voltage, but in this case additional equipment like transformers or diode-capacitor voltage multipliers will be required.

As for alternative ways to step up voltage, Google "voltage multiplier".