What value of thermister is this?

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I have opened up a battery pack to rebuild and found that there is a small thermistor right in the middle. I have attached a photo but I wonder if someone can tell me the value of this one. From the bottom, the colours appear to be Brown Black Orange (posssssibly faded red) Gold. There maaaaay be a little bit of grey at the very bottom near the leads but that could just be scrapes.

Let me know what you think.

Also, what would be the best way of testing this thermistor?



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Sounds like a 10K ohm at 25C. Measure with an ohm meter. While measuring, warm it up a little with heat from a lamp or squeeze between your fingers... if the resistance increases as temp increases then it's a positive temperature coeff (PTC) device... if R goes down then it's a NTC.