What the best ADC?

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    Been looking into making some of my own controls for gaming and wanted to know what the best/highest bit ADC I can get? Currently the low grade stuff has an 8 or 10 bit ADC, the high end ones have a 12 bit ADC. Then I search google and see plenty of 24 bit ADC's. Would these increase my resolution or POT steps over a 12 bit ADC? In gaming those steps are critical, the more resolution the better preformance. If you can offer suggestions of where to start researching and if what I'm thinking is pheasable or just a pipe dream I'm missunderstanding.
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    Jul 22, 2007
    Gaming for what platform?
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    The 24 bit DAC Abundance is due to CD Audio/DVD Players, etc.

    10 Bit DAC resolution is 5mV from 0-5V (1024 steps)

    12 bit DAC resolution is 1.22mV from 0-5V (4096 steps)

    Depends on the application, mostly on what the "other end" of the DAC supports (system/console/etc).

    With games, it's not so much the DAC resolution as the update speed/reads per second of DAC at system end.