What size tablet PC?

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    Oct 29, 2009
    I do a lot of bicycle touring. I have been using a Garmin GPS for routing and mapping during the tour. It works fairly well as long as you follow the suggested route.

    It does have a feature that will route you for the roads it thinks are best for the bicycle. But the problem is sometimes it wants to take you way out of your way just to avoid a small section of road, it deems dangerous when really the road might not be all that bad.

    The problem is that the screen is just too small to route plan and find alternate routes.

    So I am thinking of buying a tablet PC to augment the GPS. Some tablets come with GPS and Google and a few other mapping companies have apps that allow them to be used without being connected to the interent.

    The question is which size of tablet? A seven inch display will be really nice or traveling as it should be able to fit in my handlebar bag for easy access. While a seven inch display will be significantly larger than my GPS screen, I am still worried that it will be too small for mapping.

    Does anyone use a tablet PC for map routing? If so what size do you find useful?
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    Dec 1, 2012
    Though each tablet PC has its own size according to the manufacturing company but i would like to show a basic normal size which i have used till now.
    Widht Dept Height Screen case size
    10.7” 0.5” 6.9” 10.1-inch 11” cases
    7.3” 0.34” 9.5” 9.7-inch 10” cases
    4.7” 0.5” 7” 7-inch 7” cases