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I am designing for 0 to 5V analogue input convert to digital value by using 8bits ADC. The 8 bits binary output is then send parallelly to microcontroller. The microcontroller will produce serial output to PC com port through MAX232 when the command signal have sent from user through PC programming like Visual Basic. Finally, the PC will display the reading of voltage (0-5V).

What microtroller have to use for receiving my 8 bits input and store it and send to computer serial when get the input command signal from PC (uC require 8 input pins from ADC, 1 input pin from PC and 1 input pin for output to PC). The computer is using 9600 baud rate (104us for sending 1 bit).

What microcontroller is easy for me to use. I will glad if it is provided the schematic and source code which solve the problems of connection and writing the transmission speed between PC and uC. If got the source code provided, what kind of software should I use to compile it and how to use the Visual Basic to read the reading from uC?

As I am the beginner, please let me know the details. Thanks.