What materials do i need to start my first circuit board project?

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i want to start my first project, i have all the tools but what materials do i need, all i want to make is a simple circuit board with a LED on it that lights up when i press a button, so what is everythink i need meaning what type of circuit board and and LED lights ect. ect. because im a complete noob ;) so EVERYTHNK i need to do it

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first of all is wire:)
then breadboard
third is voltmeter or ohm meter
and diode
and if you don't have any dc power maby a battery
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1)LED (Red one)
2)470 ohms resistor
3)9V battery
4)Push switch.

If you want to do it in breadboard(a board where you can insert your component with soldering)
2)Some wires suitable for your breadboard

If you want to do it in Veroboard.
2)25 to 30 watt soldering iron
3)solder (use 60/40 rosin core)

I dont think you want to make a PCB for this circuit...

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Depends on what you mean start a circuit board. Here is an article I haven't finished yet.

Prototyping Electronic Circuits

If you ever want to make something really fancy (warning, this is the advanced method)...

How I make PCBs


The AAC book has a Volume devoted to this, see the link on top (Volume VI). It will cover tools and materials, techniques and projects. It is worth a read.
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