What kind of thermister is needed for Life Fitness treadmill 95Ti?

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I have a control board for a Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill as shown in the picture attached. I am hoping to fix.

I just noticed that the thermistor on the board was blown. Unfortunately, I cannot read any part number or specifications off of it. I am hoping someone might be able to suggest.

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HI There, Well, this is a bit of a story, I mentioned to a buddy who worked at Life about this problem years ago, and you will see after 2002 this thermistor has been removed as it's not needed in this application, and if it is in there, it gets to take all motor power thru it all the time when it's purpose was in-rush limiting, not limiting during powered use.
Anyway, you can replace this with a 30a device like SL32-R530 (anything .5ohm to 10ohm).