What kind of switch am I seeking?

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    Hello, I have a project in mind and I need to find the right kind of switch for my application. What kind of switch has a center-off position? I purchased a DC motor with built-in rectifier which allows it to run on 110VAC (click HERE for the exact motor I bought). Unfortunately it does not operate in reverse, so I intend to remove the internal rectifier and remount it externally, but with a DPDT switch to allow running the motor in reverse. But I realized that a DPDT switch would only permit instant reversing the direction of rotation - that would damage my motor! I need to let the motor come to a complete stop before reversing the direction of rotation. I would rather just move a switch to a center position before switching the motor's direction of rotation to the other direction. Therefore, a DPDT doesn't seem to be the right switch configuration.

    My question: what kind of toggle switch works with a "on - off - on" configuration? Would that be a DPTT (double-pole, triple-throw) switch? Or am I missing something?

    Suggestions welcome.:confused:
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    DPDT center OFF switches are quite common, I have a few in my parts bin.
    you can find them here
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