What kind of motor is this?


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+1 on the shaded pole, single phase induction motor, recognized by the copper shorted turns providing phase shift.
3 wires into the motor is not common, however?
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3 wires are common in desk fans, one is neutral other 2 are for 2 different speeds, active switched betwean either one.


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also we find these shaded pole induction motors with 3 wires in some microwaves used as the cooling fan for the mag....the extra wire being used to drop the supply and feed a low voltage turntable motor......


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The bearing will not turn. I tried lubricating it. It turns on, but just vibrates as if it's stuck.

It's been several years since I worked on old record players/turntables, but most had those same SP motors.

Did you happen to remove the bolts and nuts for the bearing housings?

Or, knock them out of alignment?

Try to re-adjust the linear bearing surfaces by lightly shifting the bearing mounts.
Loosen the bolts very little, once the motor starts spinning, carefully tighten the bolts back down.

The bronze bearings/bushings, do have some adjustment in both ends. Not much, though.;)

May take you a few tries to get it just right.


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Metalman, you are correct. I will add that he / she should drown the (both if needs be ) bearing in a good grade of lubricant and spin it by hand a few times. MOST bearings now-a-days are "Oil-lees" meaning they are impregnated with its own supply of oil. If it still just "Sits-There"...the motor wiring is junk....IMO


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Many times they must be disassembled, and the ends of the shaft cleaned with scotch-brite, or other mild abrasive. I even have a small tool that I attach to a drill, and clean out the bushings in the same way. Then lube, reassemble, making sure you can spin the shaft easily by hand, and it's usually good for another 20 years, (or 1 year if made in China).

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One of he bolts striped and one of the bushing is missing. I'd try replace the motor, however these types of motors seem quite expensive.