What is today ?


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@ Spinnaker,how did the storm effect your property.

Any power outage.
A lot of rain that is it. I live in the west. We are pretty protected here. Lots of hills to keep tornadoes out, by the time hurricanes get this far west they are pretty much just rain, the ground is fairly stable - no earth quakes, no volcanic activity around. Pretty safe place in which to live. The only issue is floods and I live in one of the highest elevations in the region on top of a hill. If it floods my house then we are all in trouble here.


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Happy Birthday to Riaff...hope you have many more....your old buddy Loosewire.

That you forgot about,I'm still here. Do you get a piece of the Island for your

birthday. Do you have property deeds in Male'.
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I cannot forget what I did not know. However, now that I know, I will probably forget it next year. So Happy Birthday! This is for upcoming ones as well. Just in case I forget. :)


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Happy birthday R!f@@!
May you have a hundred relatives, and may they all give you socks on your birthday!
best wishes T06afre