What is the ratings of this motor???

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My father gave me this motor. My father said he got it from laminator.

So, here's the picture

somebody tell me what are the ratings of the above motor, pls.:D



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It should be written on the motor's body anywhere ,if not then its hard to tell by looking at the picture. The circuit where it was connected can also help to identify the motor's rating a bit. By looking at the picture ,it seems an induction kind of motor which works on AC.But I am not sure.

Try to find more about the circuit it was connected to, it may go directly to mains but again not sure.

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it is definitely an AC gear Motor, and from where you are at, most likely 220 VAC, low RPM's, and low torque..... not quite sure about the current draw..... seems to be rated for continuous operation since it has a built in fan, since those induction motors do get pretty hot, and most have a built in thermal switch wrapped up around the coil, I don't see one on this motor.