What is the purpose of these connectors?


Joined Apr 24, 2011
I believe you can add a wire to the tips on these, that is what the plainly visible screw behind each tip is for. These follow a defaqcto standard for the spacing between the terminals, many power supplies, voltmeters, etc space bananna jacks this distance apart so these will plug into them.

If you look close the right side of both the red and black jacks have a small flag, I believe that is imprinted "GND" or similar.


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They're dual banana plugs with screw terminals for wire connection The open loop in the plastic housing acts as a strain relief for the cable..


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The hole in the connector is sized so that RG-58/U cable will fit through it. You can connect the shield to the ground screw and the center conductor to the positive screw. Works pretty well to help keep supplies quiet.