What is the meaning of xky

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I have seen around in some elektor magazines that they write certain resistor values as 'x'kΩ'y'.What does 'y' mean ???

Example:It was written that value of resistor R3 is 4kΩ7.What is that 7???
Does he mean R3 = '7' 4kΩ resistors => 28 kΩ ????


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4K7 means 4700 ohms or 4.7K ohms, K means 1000 ohms, M means 1000,000 ohms, and R means just ohms.

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Yes,but at many places in the magazine he wrote it as xkΩy.So,it is the same as x.ykΩ.

And at the end of mag. near component list he wrote for R3 as 9kΩ1 (9kΩ09).It should've meant 9.1kΩ,what is with that 9kΩ09 ????
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The resulting confusion is why I would recommend sticking to the conventional representation as used by all the other responders.

Just to expand.

The letter (usually in terms of the multiplier prefix, kilo, mega etc) is placed instead of the decimal point

1.8 megohms becomes 1M8
1.8 kilo ohms becomes 1k8

and the symbol R is used for no prefix


1.8 ohms becomes 1R8

This method is clear, simple and unambiguous.
It is also much harder to loose the decimal point.

Note that the international symbol for the ohm (or other unit), omega, should never appear in the middle of a value - that is just plain wrong.
It should always be appended at the end

eg 1.8Ω, 1k8Ω, 1M8Ω, 1.8 kΩ, 1.8MΩ and so on.

Of course, the word or symbol ohms is generally redundant, you should consider whether you should be doing electronics if you don't know resistors are measures in ohms.