What is the feminist frequency?

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I think there is something to be decoded from feminist frequency logos. In case you don't know, Feminist Frequency, is a popular feminist YouTube channel focused on pop culture. It started in 2009.

The word "frequency" in the title of the channel, seems to imply a radio frequency, rather than repeated occurrences. To indicate this, they have designed their logos to suggest a frequency, after looking through some of the videos, from their earliest times. But I'm unable to determine the frequency, can anyone here decode any frequency from the logos posted below?

This is the 1st logo in their first video, notice the alphabet 'Q', it looks like an 'O' with a tongue or tail like thing coming out of it's center hole, the tail or tongue like thing is partly behind "ATIONS" of the word "CONVERSATIONS"
Screenshot 1 cropped.png

After some videos, they updated this logo with a symbol of a white bird with spiral wings, it moves over 'CY' of the word frequency and partly over 'T' of the word feminist. In this updated logo, the tongue like thing is partly behind "TIONS"
Screenshot updated cropped.png

Thinking it was hinting at 325MHz because 'C' is 3rd and 'Y' is 25th alphabet in English language, I checked that frequency but there was nothing there.

This 'CY' seems to have some significance in feminist frequency because you can see that they have added an on/off symbol over it. Notice the 'i's in feminist in this logo, they have 3 dots over them, earlier the q was different, maybe it has something to do with I/Q branches of the frequency. How can see the I and Q branch of 325MHz?
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There is nothing to be found here. The logo does not encode a frequency.

There is no secret message, "frequency" is used because the idea was a "radio station", a common idea for podcasts and the like. As you can see, they call it "Feminist Frequency Radio", it is figurative not literal.
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