What is the best alternative of ESP8266 for commercial purpose.

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As per our requirement, since ESP8266 cannot be launched in market commercially, I would like to know other better options for a commercial product which is a Home Appliance with 5-10 sensors and upto 4 relays.


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The TS "as per our requirement" is ambiguous. I interpreted that to mean that the ESP8266 didn't meet their/his specifications. Of course, without knowing what those presumably more rigorous specifications are, one is at a complete loss to suggest something that will meet them.

Alternatively, that phrase might mean low supply, but a quick check of DigiKey shows tens of thousands of some configurations in stock. If there is some legal restraint (e.g., export restrictions, safety authorizations and approvals), then he should say what they are.


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They sale stamp size boards with just the esp8266 I started playing with the esp8266 that way.
You could use these in most anything and they have more gpio to use.


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The literal interpretation of what the TS posted: "cannot be launched in market commercially" is quite simply nonsense that is either wrong or masks some other unstated reason. There are probably many other alternative parts why ask us -- pick one according to your own opaque requirements.