what is Arduino????

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hello friends can u plz provide me any data about arduino....i hav seen that these microprocessor based circuits which r used to make many other micro based projects....


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Complete board unit with a Microcontroller. Plugs into your USB and you can use free software to program it. Not additional progammer needed to purchase.

Simplified version:

Real version:

Very versatile since $33 bucks will get you started.

Its a small monkey stuffed in a 1/4" X 1/4" X 3/4" box soldered to a board.
You instruct it to take inputs and act accordingly to give specific outputs.
Hook the monkey's box to some power and let him work for you.

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Microcontroller development system based on Atmel uC devices (typically an
ATmega168). There is a standard bootloader that allows the uC to be programmed
through the uC UART. The Arduino boards usually either come with an (1) USB
interface (FT232RL IC connected to the uC UART) or an (2) header that is compatible with an FTDI USB to RS232 converter.

My version of the Arduino adds a wireless module (MaxStream XBee). I have a datasheet
and application information at http://www.wiblocks.com

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