what is a degauss thermistor

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i got a free tv from someone and it had a black screen when i turned it on, it had sound and i could tell when the channel changed. i tried hooking up cable to it but it still had the static sound which made me think the cable signal was not reaching the tv. when i looked over the board i realized that it was missing something and when i looked at the schematics i realized it was a degauss thermistor number RT4201k and the tv is a rca model number P32672SB and chasis number CTC187Cj3 (if that means anything) so if anyone can help me out please lemme know and also if you might know where i can get parts for this that would help me out to. thank you very much.

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Don't know diddley about the specific tv - they seem to get redesigned from scratch every six months or so.

The degauss thermistor is intended to allow current in the coil surrounding the crt at turn on. It gets warm as current flows, and shuts off current through the coil. They die a lot. The lack of one should mean no more than some funky colors on the screen if the shadow mask got magnetized - like from being moved. If you have no high voltage and so on, perhaps the set has a different set up, where the thermistor is supposed to allow current to the power supply.

You should check to see what is the case here, to see if it's worth going to the expense of running down a replacement part.