what IC is this?


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To me it looked like a transistor so, I googled: surface mount transistor identification
This led me to: elektronik.googlecode.com/files/SMD_Catalog222.pdf
Under "GG" there were 3 choices--since it appears to be a SOT89, I googled: BAW79C
This led me to alldatasheet.com--in the middle of the page click on the link: BAW79C to view the pdf file
Sure looks like the correct one--hopefully, that is all that is wrong with your board

The "47K" could indicate a date or lot code ???


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I didn't look up the part, but it could also use a 47k internal resistor.
A resistor with 4 pins? I think a transistor is more likely. Besides, SMD resistors use number codes to give the value. I have yet to find one that simply says 47K for a 47 kilohm resistor.

Personally, I'd agree with Jim on this one.


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If you do look up the part, jimkeith's process leads you to a description of a dual-Silicon Switching Diodes SMD part (For high-speed switching High breakdown voltage Common cathode). Not resistors; not transistors.


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The datasheet you attached is for an IC that has 54 pins. That's just 50 more pins than the package in question.

For the SMD references I have, BAW79C is the only device that has the same package, and as has already been reported it's a dual diode 200v common cathode.

But, my reference is a couple years old, and it's possible that a manufacturer used GG for another part. What causes me consternation is that the reference designator is Q903; the leading Q normally indicates a transistor of some variety; this reference designator should begin with "D". However, Q901 is the same part, so if one is careful, Q901 could be removed at the same time and tested.


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My Turuta SMD-codes data book have these marked as GG and SOT-89 package
GG 2SA1369-G Si-pnp AF-Drv, 30V, 1.5A, 500mW, B=400..800, 90MHz SOT-89
GG BAW79C Si-diode Dual, Sw, 2x200V, 1A, <1000ns SOT-89
GG RT9161A-45CX LVR-IC LDO, 4.5V±2%, 500mA SOT-89​
GG– RT9161A-45PX LVR-IC LDO, 4.5V±2%, 500mA
I found the 2SA1369 data sheet here http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheets2/15/151654_1.pdf It looks kind of correct. Without saying it is your component 100%.
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And the winners of the Mistery IC Award are (drumroll please) t06afre and SgtWookie.

At first I also thought it could be a BAW79C but after testing the IC it was clear that it wasn't a diode switch but a pnp.

It's a 2SA1369 for sure. I already replaced it and everything is ok now.

Many thanks to everyone for the amazing help.


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The codes are the one thing that really bug me about SMD.

Many times, transistors are too small to write anything on, other than a microstamped letter, which is nearly useless.

Or nothing at all, like the ones to the right of the transistor in question in the original image.