What does an electronics engineer do in a real job BY Reeed

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    Apr 5, 2008

    I got this in an email from Reeed :

    As there are many engineers here on the forum, I posted the question over here, so you will get (hopefully) several reactions.

    I am a service engineer for about 25 years now in NMR and Mass spectromotry.
    In the beginning you would troubleshoot at component level, but nowerdays it is mainly boardswapping.
    As I also service mass spectrometers, I have to clean them from time to time.
    This is a job that makes use of very fine tools to take the things apart to clean them.
    You must also re-assemble the instrument of course.

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    As part of my job function as a circuit designer/"engineer", I usually have to do a lot of the prototyping and development of new circuit boards using a PC and also build a prototype of the device just to test and debug the hardware and software, so I do a lot of prototyping and soldering .... but is it the solder you can not be around or is it the flux fumes? if it is the solder it could have been the lead based kind, they have solder without lead, and they also make fume extractors for the work area...
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    A real electronics engineer spends a lot of time answering questions from other budding electronics engineer.

    Like any other job, you cannot get the full appreciation and feel for the job if you cannot get your hands dirty. Experience on the job is what counts, not book learning.

    You can get ventilation systems for soldering stations if the solder fumes cause a problem for you.

    A well rounded electronics engineer would be able to design circuits as well as program computers.