What do you wish you were doing right now ?


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They haven't had too much luck with the cruise ships lately. I think I would prefer the American shores if I were going there.

If I had enough money to retire that is pretty much what I would want. I don't need much, just enough. Any traveling might be Britain, there are a lot of people I consider friends there.


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@ Alice,check out my man and ocean picture. Its posted on my

profile page. Click on it twice to enlarge.I'm chilling in the Atlantic

Ocean off south Florida.
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Alice ,you got 45 guest and 2 members viewing,the guest are all over the world.

Maybe they will log to talk to you,look at the numbers at the bottom of the post.

Why don't you say hi to the guest and see if the number will jump to 60 a near

record for this time.


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Hey Geo, can you give us an update and your take on what is happening in Greece right now and how the strikes are affecting you?


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I'd like to be just rising to my feet to ski off the chair-lift right at sunset, at Mountain High Ski resort in Wrightwood, California, amid a light, swirling flurry of fluffy snow flakes that slowly blanket a trackless white vista winding off downhill before me.

I'd pause before setting off, to gaze at the haze-shrouded view of Catalina Island 30 miles offshore, and silouetted by a reddening sky out beyond the panoramic twinkling lights of Los Angeles that stretch unbroken to the hazy Pacific shoreline.

As light breeze sheds wafts of snow from the laden boughs of frosted fir trees tinkling with icicles, I'd start those S-turns, carving my way down hill under the floodlights, and kicking up a billowing rooster-tail of ultra-dry powder behind me as Stevie Ray Vaughn cuts loose with a solo on my headphones.

Aahhhh bliss....
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Post #11 make me chuckle.
Post #12 had the same effect, plus it reminded me of that spot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca-HZ7qiR0I

Strikes have subsided a bit. But cut backs in salaries and increases in taxes still continue.
It's getting harder and harder and it seems that the political leadership is no longer in position to make decisions independently of the EU (and some financial groups) course. It's sad, if you ask me, and people start showing it.

To stay on topic, I 'd like to be beechside in August, eating appetizers and drinking ouzo under a tree, on a wooden table, sitting on a wooden chair. Can't wait!


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Anything with a boat is OK with me. Cruising in my sailboat, speeding along in my runabout or gliding along quietly in my canoe.


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I have a saying in the summer, when I go to my summer home on the lake. That is, I enjoy the "three B's" - Beer, Books and Beach!