What do the "I" and "O" on the power switch stand for


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They are in Latin
The Latin word for "on" is "in" = I
The Latin word for "off" is (conveniently) "off" = O
No matter how many stories you may be told, the | is simply a line, and the O is simply a circle.
they represent "on" and "off". Many people remember which is which by other lessons they've learned in life but the phrase, "the standard is the standard" applies here - it is just a line, and a circle.
the standards are (yes, a standard for each line and circle)...
Power On (IEC 60417-5007)
Power Off (IEC 60417-5008)
There is also a statement from IEC to dispel any rumors that they are binary one and zero.


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Note that in post #7, images 3 and 4 are switches that must be mounted horizontally; that is, rotated 90 degrees from their orientation in the images. Pedantically (?), the I and O are symbols, not characters. As such, their orientation is part of their definition.

- Like
- - The
- - - Schematic
- - - - Symbol
- - - - - For


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I = On
O = Off
This is a confusing matter for me also. Whenever I see I and O it makes me confused. It should be easy for everyone.
I just see the colour Green= On and Red = Off. It's better than I and O.


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The other is:

Green = safe (off)

Red = danger (on)

It seems to break down by industry.
A classic inversion if work / life imbalance. Then the employee takes this experience home and their spouse thinks they are complete idiots because they don't know the green light means the power is on.


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Another school of thought:

A red button when pushed turns on the red light.
A green button is pressed to turn on the green light.

Now choose if red light means power is ON or not.