What do I need in order to extend wifi to 0.25 miles?


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If you have line-of-site to the other location, you might be able to setup a 100MB personal microwave point to point data link. A link like this used to cost thousands of dollars but not any more. Might even be able to do this for less than $500.

ian field

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Im sure I'm losing face by asking this here but I admit there are some gaping holes in my knowledge base, and the topic of radio and antennas is a black hole for me. Please excuse my ignorance.

I've searched and found lots of products but none that say "range: x-miles". Everything is rated in dB or dbi and I don't know what to make of it. Also the products I am finding fail to specify exactly what they are, and what additional hardware is required to make them work.

All I want is a router that I can access from a quarter mile down the road. I don't know if there is such a beast.

If I have to have a transmitter and receiver with antennas that is fine. I can place antennas so that they have line of sight with each other.
If you search: "cantenna", there are various items on the web for making high gain directional WiFi antennas out of the large coffee cans.